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Gluten Free Chocolate Lamington Sponge Cake - 8 Inch

  • HK$49800

The world-famous Australian Lamington Sponge cake is over a century old!! However, they are most likely not gluten-free.  That is why we wanted to create this beautiful, delicious Lamington that is gut-friendly and perfect for any occasion!  Birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, speical holidays - you name it!
This Australian culinary dessert, which consists of sponge cake dipped in chocolate (ours is dairy-free of course)  and liberally sprinkled with fine desiccated coconut! It's a much healthier version with all natural ingredients, making it a guilt-free dessert!


Sponge: Gluten Free Flour Mix (sugar, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, maize flour, buckwheat flour, raising agents (mono-calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), thickener (xanthan gum), Organic Sunflower oil, eggs

Topping: Raw cacao pudding (Coconut Mylk, Raw Thai young coconut meat, cacao powder, coconut flower sugar*cacao nibs*, pure guar gum, vegan probiotics), organic coconut butter, organic desiccated coconuts, organic cacao powder, Freeze dried raspberries, sprouted pumpkin seeds

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