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Japanese Raw Shichimi Spice

  • HK$7700

This spice is a 2011 Yaeyama Industrial Festival (Yaeyama Yuyoshi Special Product Certification) winning product.

Shichimi is a popular Japanese condiment that has a more complex flavour over the usual red chilli pepper. 

This shichimi is unique as it comes in a pure raw form, not powdered - like many of the typical shichimis you find at the supermarket.  It has a delightful mixture of seven spices and is often used to enhance the flavour of many dishes! You can flare up your soup, noodles or donburi dishes with this award-winning spice but keep in mind, its hotness increases when it is added to soups! 

You can even spice up your soy sauce with some Shichimi Spice and dip your favourite sashimi in it.

Red peppers,  Shikuwasa citrus skin, Salt, Ginger, Brewer's vinegar, Awamori, Black sesame, Aasa, Sanshou pepper
*The ingredients may contain wheat

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