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Coconut flour (500g) Foodcraft Hong Kong

Coconut Tribe - Coconut Flour (500g)

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High in fibre and rich in protein and is the perfect low carb, gluten free alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Made by finely grinding the coconut meat left over after cold-pressing the oil, it has all the goodness of coconut and is perfect for healthy baking and cooking.

Suggested use :

ideal for a low carb, high fibre diet. to boost the fibre content in most standard recipes such as pancakes, muffins and bakes, simply substitute 15-25% of regular flour with coconut flour.


Storage Instruction

store in a cool, dry place. refrigerate after opening.


Ingredient List:

100% pure organic coconuts

coconut flour

We have a recipe for a Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake With Coconut Flour Crust. Check it out here :)

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