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Frozen Wheatgrass Shots (20g x 7 shots)

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GMO- Free, pesticide-free

Description: Hydroponic wheatgrass juiced and immediately frozen at -20°C in indivisual serving 20g sizes. This is a package of 7 shots for a week's supply for of wheatgrass juice. Please store the frozen wheatgrrass shots in the freezer and only defrost before serving. do NOT refreeze a shot that has been melt.

Why it's good for you: 

To get the full benefit of chlorophyll, the best way is to get it from a fresh living plant. Wheatgrass Juice is a superfood and one of the best sources of living chlorophyll (contains up to 70%) and you can get this from juicing fresh wheat grass with a horizontal juicer. For those of you that lead a busy life, we've prepared a frozen wheatgrass shot, which will be your 2nd best option, so that you can instantly boost yourself with this green superfood whenever needed.  

Chlorophyll is also known as "green blood" and the reason is because the molecules resembles that of hemoglobin which is the protein in our red blood cells.

Wheatgrass juice is also a source of potassiumvitamin Avitamin Cvitamin E (alpha tocopherol), vitamin Kthiaminriboflavinniacinvitamin B6pantothenic acidironzinccoppermanganese and seleniumIt is a source of plant based protein that contains 17 amino acids.

Suggested use: 

Please follow the steps to prepare your wheatgrass shots.

  1. Take a shot out of the freezer and let it sit in room temperature for one minute.
  2. Open the container and pop the frozen cube into a glass.
  3. Add 60ml of water or juice into the cup and let the cube melt.
  4. Mix well and serve immediately!

Do NOT use hot water, or microwave to melt the wheatgrass juce as that will destroy the vitamins, enzymes and phytochemicals. 

The flavor can be intense and it will be easier to drink with a citrus juice (like fresh lemon or orange juice.)

Ingredients: hydroponic wheatgrass

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