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Phyton - Wild Yuzu Natural All Purpose Cleaner (230ml)

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This all-purpose cleaner is a 100% all natural household product (pesticide-free) made with simply 3 ingredients: water, yuzu and pine.

The combination of the decomposing power of Yuzu's oil and the natural surfactant power of the pine removes stubborn and sticky dirty with just one wipe!  This is perfect for households with small children or pets because it is chemical-free so you don't have to worry when you are cleaning the house or their toys!



  • The limonene contained in the Yuzu is a fragrance ingredient that is often contained in citrus peel, and it is used as a solvent derived from perfumes and natural products
  • Its fragrance has a relaxing ingredient and it is said to activate the sympathetic nerve and improve blood flow
  • In aromatherapy, citrus-type essential oils are effective for dieting, as this also limonene acts to decompose fat by activating sympathetic nerves

**In addition, it is used for recycling Styrofoam to make Styrofoam dissolve well, and it is also used for kitchen oil detergent.


  • The ingredients extracted from the pine acts as the "soap" ingredient and is effective in removing stubborn stains while sterilizing the area
  • It is a natural surfactant, meaning it helps to bring the dirt to the surface for you to clean
  • It is also deodorant and has antibacterial effect

Where You Can Use (Basically Anywhere You Want!)

Examples include: 

  • The ingredients of pine is also used as a role of preservation and glossing so that the wood does not get ruined


  • Removes greasy oil on the walls, around the stove, and you won't have to worry about harsh chemicals that may contaminate your food
  • The citrus-y smell it leaves is also very suitable for the kitchen environment

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