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Hemple - Divine Vanilla Superblend 500g

  • HK$16800

For you if...
  • You're looking to improve gut health. This offers both soluble and insoluble fibre + prebiotic psyllium husk
  • You're looking for a well-balanced protein powder with macros + vitamins & minerals without any sweeteners or added flavours 
  • You want to help balance hormones and lift libido, with adaptogen maca
  • You like to add a protein to smoothies, yoghurt or into protein balls
  • You don't mind a bit of grit (don't worry it's just that healthy insoluble fibre!)


  • 8.3g bioavailable edestin protein 
  • 14g fibre 
  • 34% RDI Magnesium 
  • 50% RDI Calcium
  • 39% RDI Iron 
  • 19% RDI Zinc 
  • 13% RDI Vitamin B1 

Hemp is a super seed revered for its many nutritional qualities. HEMPLE DIVINE VANILLA is a prebiotic vegan protein powder is formulated for flavour and a good gut feeling using a base of pure, cold pressed, dairy-free hemp seed protein.

Every serve provides over 8g of vegan protein with all essential amino acids and 14g fibre, plus omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. 

Hemp seed is a rare source of GLA, a type of omega 6, revered for its anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s more than your average protein blend, each serve providing a natural source of magnesium, iron, zinc & vitamin B1.

Being an edestin-based protein, all HEMPLE proteins are bioavailable meaning their nutrients can be absorbed by the body easily. 

HEMPLE DIVINE VANILLA combines naturally occurring soluble and insoluble fibre in the hemp seed with psyllium husks, creating an excellent source of fibre to give you that good gut feeling.

+ Peruvian black maca

This rare South American adaptogenic herb, brings the body back in balance, while promoting vitality, stamina and strength. Shown to raise libido, help regulate hormones and aid concentration, the maca root excites mind and body. 

HEMPLE DIVINE VANILLA is naturally flavoured with organic vanilla bean sourced from NZ. 

SERVE: For a vegan protein fix, serve 3 rounded tablespoons (30g) of HEMPLE RAW mixed with coconut yoghurt, sprinkled on your muesli or blended with almond milk and a banana. 

STORAGE: refrigerate after opening, use a dry spoon and consume within 90 days of opening. Reseal completely after each serve.

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