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Kounotori (コウノトリ) Organic Brown Sushi Rice (Japanese Short Grain Brown Rice)  - 1KG - FoodCraft Online Store

Kounotori (コウノトリ) Organic Brown Sushi Rice (Japanese Short Grain Brown Rice) - 1KG

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Kounotori (Stork) Brand is one of best quality rice grains we have sourced. Grown in wet field rice paddies in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan with the aim to revive the environment that allows strokes, that were once almost gone distinct in Japan, thrive once again.

Kounotori Organic Japanese Rice

Kounotori brand is a rather soft and sticky type of rice. Also it has a special haractor that the flavor and texture lasts a long time after cooking. Therefore it is a good type of rice to use for Bento boxes.
The rice quality was tested for 3 hours after cooking and 24 hours after cooking and both were not much different. This shows that this rice can maintain its tastiness for a long time after cooking without reheating.


Kounotori Rice Hong Kong


This rice was gown organically with no use of chemicals sprays and chemical fertilizers, letting you enjoy the entirety of the grain (including bran and germ). Non-Organic rice are better off polished, sold as white rice as chemicals generally stay in the bran and germ.


Ryu no Hitomi

Harvested once a year only. Limited stock available. 

Ingredients: Brown Sushi Rice from Hyogo, Japan (Kounotori brand short grain brown rice) 

How to cook:
(Serves 2 bowls of rice)
150g (180ml), Brown sushi rice
200g, filtered water


  1. If you are using a rice cooker with the water guidelines on it, you can follow the "brown rice" water line.
  2. Pour water up to the line and let it soak for 7 - 8 hours. This is a longer soaking time compared to Japanese white rice due to the fact that this is brown sushi rice and needs to be soaked longer. By allowing the rice to soak for a sufficient time, the result after cooking will be puffier and better.
  3. After soaking, press the "cook" button and cook as usual. Serve hot! (But... letting it cool and having cold brown rice is also nice too! )



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