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My Cup of Tea - Organic Maple Syrup (Ginger Flavour) - 250ml

  • HK$16900
  • Save HK$19

Ginger may scare people away with its spicy taste. In this maple syrup, we extract the taste of ginger and infused it into the syrup, produced a combination of sweet and spicy which would definitely be excited your palate.


  1. Drinks, desserts
  2. Bakery, cereal products
  3. Milk products, fruit
  4. Natural sweetener in cooking(seasoning)



  1. 加入飲料、甜品當中
  2. 烘焙製品、麥芽類食品
  3. 奶類製品、水果
  4. 炒、燉、煮、烤、烘焙時替代白糖和蜂蜜

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