Foodcraft also offers a wide range of healthy vegan, organic, and allergen-free foods that we can personalize just for you.  We produce everything here in Hong Kong so it can be easily customized to fit your needs!  

Looking for more eco-friendly snacks to stock your company's pantry?  New foods in the latest health trend?  Or, you want a healthy alternative to an old favourite? 

Whether you're looking for cookies or coconut chips, trust our team at Foodcraft to work with you to fulfil all your snacking needs!   

These are just some of the food and snack options for private labelling but anything made here can be tailored to fit your requirements.   Feel free to explore the Foodcraft Made section and contact us for wholesale prices or private labelling opportunities at [email protected].

Some of the Foods Available for Wholesale and Private Labelling

Paleo Cookies

A paleo friendly rich chocolate chip cookie. This is a flour-less cookie made mostly from almonds and organic cacao. It has an amazingly chewy texture and packed with nutritious ingredients. Enjoy every single bite. One cookie will go a long way!

Raw Granola/Granola Bars

Our raw granola and granola bars are made with activated nuts and seeds. Nuts have a naturally occurring chemical known as phytic acid and enzyme-inhibitors which are removed through our soaking process. After the sprouting, we dehydrate the nuts for 24 hours at low temperature. This makes them easier to digest and assimilate and also enhances the full flavor of the nuts.

Raw Nori Snack with Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Our raw nori snack is made with nori and activated* organic pumpkin seeds.  After activating the ingredients, we dehydrate the nori crackers for 12 hours at a low temperate so they are easier to digest and the nutrients can be absorbed into the body better.  

*Nuts, seeds and grains have a naturally occurring chemical known as phytic acidand enzyme-inhibitors which are removed through our soaking process*

Organic Raw Sprouted Almond Butter

Organic stone ground sprouted raw almond butter is prepared using the whole almond, including the skin. The nuts are ground with a stone grinder at a low temperature to keep the nutrients intact. Great as a spread or added as a topping for your breakfast bowls!  We also have a blanched white version where the skins of the almonds are removed :)

Organic Hummus

This is our classic original hummus made with wholesome, all natural ingredients.  Our organic hummus is made with certified organic ingredients.  We start from soaking the chickpeas for more than 12 hours to remove the phytic acid*.  This process makes the chickpeas easier to digest and assimilate, and also enhances the full flavour of the nutrient dense ingredients.  We also have a version made with cilantro as well!

Kefir Drinks 

Multiple Flavours Available!  Just like Kombucha, Water Kefir is a yummy, fizzy and healthy probiotic drink made from our vegan kefir grains.  Typically, kefir has dairy in them but ours are a vegan version using only the best sugars to ferment. This is also a different strain of yeast and bacteria compared to kombucha.  

Vegan Coconut Yogurt

It's a dairy-free, soy-free yoghurt made from coconut meat and fermented coconut milk! It's packed with natural and living probiotics that will nourish your gut. It is also high in mid-chain fatty acids that will increase your metabolism.  It's a great dessert and breakfast option for people who don't want to eat dairy yogurts!

Coconut Chips (Matcha, French Onion, Kimchi BBQ, Cinnamon, and more!)

Our Raw Coconut Crisps are made with certified organic raw ingredients and they are cold processed to achieve the best flavours as well as preserving nutrients.

We've used selected organic premium ingredients to make each batch. These coconut crisps are made with real food without any fillers or chemicals!

Perfect snack for when you need a crunchy sweet treat. 

For your enquiries about wholesale prices or private labelling, please contact us at [email protected]