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Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Raw Koji - 250g or 500g

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What is Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Raw Koji?
Rice Koji is made from cooked rice (at FoodCraft, we use organic brown rice to make this) that is inoculated with a culture that is called Aspergillus oryzae (麹菌: Koji-kin in Japanese.). Many mistake this with yeast but this is different from yeast and its a naturally occurring culture native to Japan. It is a key ingredient for many of the Japanese fermented foods such a miso, soy sauce, mirin and sake.

Why it’s good for you:
Our raw koji is unique because it is:-

Raw - There are 2 types of koji. One is dried (乾燥麹: kansou koji)and the other is raw (生麹: Nama Koji). They both have their pro and cons but we like to use raw koji as it has the most powerful fermentation power. We use the same koji for our signature miso

Sprouted - We do not skip this process. Sprouting rice is as important as sprouting your nuts and seeds. It removes the phytic acid and activates the grain.

Made from Organic Brown Rice - We only use a certified organic whole grain brown rice. Most of the koji sold in the market will be made from white rice as its is easier to cultivate. 

If you are looking into an ultimate healthy culture for your Japanese fermentation, we trust our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Raw Koji will fulfill your expectations. 

How we make it:

We first sprout the brown rice then rinse well to remove the phytic acid and change the nutrient composition in the grain to a living form. Then we steam the rice to an ideal texture to plant the Aspergillus culture and let this ferment in a warm and humid environment for up to 3 days. This allows the Aspergillus to feed on the rice's carbohydrate and proteins using its enzymes to break it down. This process creates the naturally sweet flavor in koji.

Suggested use:

Koji is the culture for many Japanese condiments including miso, shio koji,  shoyu soy sauce or tamari soy sauce, mirin or even drinks such as sake or amazake (sweet sake that is non-alcoholic). Unlike dried koji, raw koji will not require soaking in water and can use strait away in recipes. Enjoy the Japanese fermentation with koji to create your 'umami' flavors.

How to preserve Koji:

Our Koji is raw and its always best to use as fresh as possible to maximize its benefits and fermentation powder.

Here are the 3 common ways to preserve raw koji.

  1. Please keep it refrigerated at all times (under 10C) and use within the expiry date which will be 21 days form production.
  2. If cannot finish the koji within 21days, please freeze and use within 3 months. The culture will be at its best when its raw but frozen koji can be used after defrosted as well. 
  3. Preserving with salt. Mixing koji with salt will prolong its life and can be kept in room temperature too. Please add 30% salt. of the koji's weigh. If its the 250g pack koji the amount of salt added should be 75g. (250g x 30%). However the downside to this method will be that you wont be able to use the koji for non-salty items such as Amazake or you'll have to recalculate the amount of sail you are going to use in your recipes. 

Organic Brown rice, Tane Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)

Nutritional value:

Packaging: Wrapped in baking paper

*This product was prepared in a vegan kitchen.  However, if you have or are concerned about food allergies, please contact us at before consuming this product.  

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